Taylor Tennis Centre

Founded in 2019, Testify Performance, was initially set up to compliment the on-ice demand of hockey players with off-ice metric-based training and a suite of clinic services like athletic, physio, and massage therapy. Quickly we learned that we not only brought tremendous value to hockey players but many other different groups of high performing individuals. This led us to training various athletes, teams, and entire organizations in the sports of volleyball, football, speed skating, soccer, figure skating, and much more. Alongside our growing group of athletes we also saw flourishing cohort of over 40 lifestyle members who had a wide variety of goals for their health and performance.
At the core, our team of experienced performance coaches and therapists work with clients to develop customized training and recovery plans to help them reach their goals and optimize their performance.
Expanding our services into Taylor Tennis Centre is the next step into bring data-driven programming and clinic services like athletic, physio, and massage therapy to members of all ages and abilities.