Be a part of a community that shows up everyday and puts in the work. RINK Testify Performance’s certified and qualified staff provide players a focused & motivating environment delivering hockey specific metric driven programming. Featuring specialized equipment that help top level hockey players get the most out of their training. Hockey players have access to a suite of services such as performance testing, massage therapy, athletic therapy, chiropractic, and much more. 


Before any hockey player can begin training with us they must go through an initial assessment with our team of coaches and therapists. This allows RINK Testify Performance to build an individualized program that addresses any weaknesses or imbalances while setting training goals that align with on-ice objectives.

For booking sessions, all hockey players will need to utilize our online booking system. Workouts do need to be scheduled 24 hrs in advance through the app. The system works by the month so if you miss a workout one week you can make it up the next, however sessions do not carry over to the next month.

Sessions are available:
o    Monday to Friday - 6:00AM - 8:00PM
o    Saturday 9:00AM - 12:00PM

RINK Testify Performance operates in a semi-private training environment to ensure all athletes needs on the floor are met. Coaches will layout your workout plan for the day, set up excercises, make sure proper technique is being used, and keep athletes motivated. Coaches keep moving around the gym floor to touch base with each athlete, but we ensure everyone is looked after with a proper coach/athlete ratio.


2x Week

3x Week

5x Week

Prospect & Pro Hockey Training

Focus first on improving major physiological and structural weaknesses then transitioning toward maximizing individual strengths all informed by ongoing metric evaluation.

  • Objectively identify individual strengths and weaknesses via assessment.
  • Focus on restoring health, structural balance, and work capacity.
  • Focus on maximizing sport-relevant training qualities that will enhance individual performance. 

Youth Hockey Training

RINK Testify Performance focuses on developing young hockey players through fundamental movement patterns that translate to on-ice success.

  • Identify any underlying structural weaknesses or imbalances via initial assessment.
  • Prioritizing skill acquisition off the ice for future development within RINK Mastery.
  • Learn the mental side of training and what it takes while having fun.