Mental Performance

In today’s hyper focused competitive world achieving peak performance is more than reaching your peak physically. Talent and potential are realized through a combination of physical, technical, tactical, cognitive, and psychological processes. 

Mental performance aims to facilitate the development of mental and emotional skills, attitudes, perspectives, strategies, and processes that lead to an enhanced and optimal performance, well-being, and personal growth with the intent of leveling up your performance, staying consistent, and thriving.

Sport and performance psychology exists to help athletes, coaches, and organizations thrive and succeed, but also to help non-sport domain performance areas such performing arts, tactical (military, police, firefighters), pilots, surgeons, business executives and more.

RINK Testify Performance takes an interdisciplinary approach to mental performance combining aspects from the physical, technical, tactical, cognitive, and psychological domains. He uses research and evidence based techniques to create a client centered program to allow clients to build the best version of their career both on and off the field of play.

Areas of Practice:

  • Athlete Wellness (load management, mental wellbeing/health, personal development, life skills).
  • Athlete Transitions (transition into and out of high performance sport)
  • Building Elite Habits
  • Building Resilient Athletes
  • Coach & Program Support
  • Developing Team Cohesion
  • Essential Athletes Education
  • Mental Skills Training (athletic identity, goal setting, self-talk, routines, mental toughness, concentration, focus, distractions and choking, imagery/visualization, emotional management, and handling performance errors and setbacks).

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