Do you ever look at a Testify Performance gym and think that’s not for me or I could never work out there? Well let us say, it is for you and you totally can work out here. Let us introduce you to our Lifestyle Training Division. Lifestyle training is a holistic form of exercise that improves both physical but also mental health through structured, individualized training. Lifestyle training at Testify Performance is semi-private; where we often have multiple clients in during an hour slot getting direction from one coach.

Regarding our metric-based training system, depending on the client it may or may not apply to them depending on what their goals may be. For example, some clients are very metric driven and DO want to see their results in data form while others its much more simple changes that they are striving for. Those simple changes we hear commonly in the form of statements such as:

  • How has my mood changed since coming here?
  • How are my energy levels throughout the day?
  • How has my confidence changed since coming here?

Progress looks different for everyone and we understand that. One of the first questions all new lifestyle clients will get asked when starting is,“What does progress look like for you?” and we take that input and use that information to determine what metrics would be best suited for them.

Everyone is different in their goals and why they come to Testify Performance. Some clients have distinct goals – Wanting to run a certain marathon time or perform in a certain event while others may have smaller goals such as I want to feel/look healthier, I want to be in less pain, I want to lose weight etc. Everyone is different for their reason for training here, but I think that’s one of the aspects that is super unique about the lifestyle division, is the diversity in goals and desires for training at Testify Performance. 

There are many reasons why Testify Performance is the right fit for you and your lifestyle training compared to other gyms in the area. First, the environment is second to none. Because our lifestyle division is smaller than most public gyms, people know each other here on a personal basis and can form relationships that they may not have the opportunity to do at other public gyms. The sense of community here is REAL, and is something that was missed for a lot of our clients and staff during the last couple of years dealing with covid.

Second is individualized and convenient programs. The information we gather from assessments is useful for us in creating a program designed for you that can be done at our gym here in Winnipeg but can also be done through our mobile app for people that are traveling or frequently out of town. We take a program that is designed for you but is also designed for your lifestyle and schedule.

Third would be our equipment and facility.The equipment here at Testify is hard to find in most public gyms in Winnipeg. From our Keiser air resistance features to our techno gym treadmills, skill mills, and rowers not to mention our 200M track and recovery lounge. Having this equipment allows us as coaches to offer training that few other gyms can.

Lastly, Testify Performance's gym sets itself a part with the integration between the performance coaches and medical division. We have therapists on site that can provide assessment and treatments to clients and directly assist performance coaches with program building to ensure they are meeting their goals in the gym in a way that is a safe and not going to hinder their progress. Having the integration is a huge piece because it allows us to really cover all the bases from a physical standpoint knowing that if there are any questions or issues, therapy is right around the corner to get the answers and direction we need.

Sound like you want to give it a try? Sign up is super simple, reach out to our manager of off-ice programming Mike Hellyer (CLICK HERE), and he will get you set up with an assessment with our therapists to see what limitations you may have physically followed by some time with our performance coaches to get to know more about you physically but also mentally.