RINK Testify Performance has always looked at themselves as a complete athlete resource. Whatever an athlete might deem they need, Testify's team of professionals can either provide it or connect athletes with a vetted, qualified professional in their chosen field of expertise. With that sentiment in mind, it is exactly why Testify has added yet again another top professional to their suite of services they can offer an athlete. Welcome, Dr. Kolin Kritmaa, Certified Mental Performance Consultant (CMPC). Testify is incredibly excited to bring someone of Kolins pedigree into the fold and is someone who will bring a ton of value to our clients not just in hockey and the RINK Hockey Academy teams, but to various athletes and high performing professionals that are a part of our larger community.

What is Mental Performance?

In today’s hyper focused competitive world achieving peak performance is more than reaching your peak physically. Talent and potential are realized through a combination of physical, technical, tactical, cognitive, and psychological processes. 

Mental performance aims to facilitate the development of mental and emotional skills, attitudes, perspectives, strategies, and processes that lead to an enhanced and optimal performance, well-being, and personal growth with the intent of leveling up your performance, staying consistent, and thriving.

Sport and performance psychology exists to help athletes, coaches, and organizations thrive and succeed, but also to help non-sport domain performance areas such performing arts, tactical (military, police, firefighters), pilots, surgeons, business executives and more.

More About Dr. Kolin Kriitmaa, BHK, MHK, MBA, EdD 

Kolin is a Certified Mental Performance Consultant (CMPC) with the Association of Applied Sport Psychology, and Professional Member with the Canadian Sport Psychology Association. He holds  a Bachelor of Human Kinetics in Physical Education, and Masters of Education in Coaching Science from the University of British Columbia, a Masters of Business Administration from Athabasca University in St. Albert, and a Doctorate of Education in Sport and Performance Psychology from the University of Western States in Portland, Oregon.

Kolin takes an interdisciplinary approach to mental performance combining aspects from the physical, technical, tactical, cognitive, and psychological domains. He uses research and evidence based techniques to create a client centered program to allow clients to build the best version of their career both on and off the field of play.

Practice Areas:

  • Athlete Wellness (load management, mental wellbeing/health, personal development, life skills).
  • Athlete Transitions (transition into and out of high performance sport)
  • Building Elite Habits
  • Building Resilient Athletes
  • Coach & Program Support
  • Developing Team Cohesion
  • Essential Athletes Education
  • Mental Skills Training (athletic identity, goal setting, self-talk, routines, mental toughness, concentration, focus, distractions and choking, imagery/visualization, emotional management, and handling performance errors and setbacks).

How can I work with Dr. Kritmaa?

Option 1 - Personal Development Program

Athletes are so conditioned to being told what to do by the many coaches they have supporting their careers, they often forget that the most important coach you will ever have is yourself. This program is designed to teach the athletes how to take their development into their own hands and link each one of your coaches programs together to become a thriving athlete. Athletes will build their own development plan, mental skills tools, and develop their own mental performance plan. In the process they will become more self-aware, more mentally tough, build resilience skills, and an enhanced ability to focus. 

Option 2 - Mental Skills 101 Program

This in depth mental skills program is designed to develop the athlete’s foundational mental skills that enhance performance. Throughout this program you will learn foundational mental skills, build 22 mental skill tools, and get three 1-1 sessions with a Certified Mental Performance Consultant to optimize each mental skill tool. The end result and benefit is athletes will have the ability to implement mental skills as they see fit and enhance their performance. 

Option 3 - Custom Mental Performance Package

Every athlete has unique needs, and every athlete is at a different place with their mental performance skills. The intention of this program is to custom build a personal mental performance package to help target areas you feel need work. This is done through a 3-step process of: measuring it, applying it, and doing it. The program includes:

  • 5 - 1 on 1 sessions with an Mental Performance Consultant
  • Access to suite of assessments
  • Access to 1000's of athlete resources and tools
  • Development of your personal mental skill tools and workbook

Please reach to Dr. Kolin Kritmaa at kkriitmaa@therink.ca or check his availability through our online booking system.