Hear from RINK's own, Matt Asmundson, on some do's and dont's as well as, tips and tricks on how to improve YOUR skating speed and get quicker feet. 

Method #1 | Strength Training

Strength training is going to help YOU apply more force into the ground or ice. If you can apply more force into the ground or ice, you will move forward at a faster speed. This will help your overall agility.

Method #2 | Moving Through Space

Don't just focus on moving your feet quickly, do focus on making sure your body is moving through space quickly. Focus on sprints under 20 meters or 5-10-5 or T-Test agilility and ensure the reps are high quality and get your rest in between. 

Method #3 | Mobility

Be sure to incorporate mobility just as much as strength training, cardio and more. Mobility training is speed training for hockey players, you spend a lot of time down low skating and stressing your hip flexors. We want to open up your hips, to get into deeper and more optimal positions.