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What is Telerehabilitation?

A virtual therapy appointment – what we call Telerehabilitation – is great when you can’t make it to the clinic for an in-person session. Telerehabilitation empowers you to still have a 1-on-1 session with your therapist without leaving your home.

Telerehabilitation has many of the same benefits as a face-to-face therapy session. You will work directly with your therapist to discuss, assess and treat problems just as if you were in the clinic. Your therapist will help you to manage your condition and provide activities to alleviate symptoms.

How does Telerehabilitation help?

Both therapy assessments and follow-up sessions can be done via Telerehabilitation.

During a virtual therapy session, our therapists will:

  • Assess and diagnose your problem
  • Listen to your concerns, while giving you full attention and reassurance
  • Explain how to manage your pain/condition
  • Outline what activities will alleviate your symptoms, as well as those that may exacerbate your pain/injury
  • Provide education and self-management techniques
  • Develop a home exercise program
  • Advise on an appropriate follow-up schedule
  • Recommend necessary equipment - braces, tape, orthotics, etc. - if needed
  • Direct you to other services when appropriate

What conditions may benefit from virtual therapy? 

Conditions that may benefit from virtual therapy include:

  • Muscle strains
  • Joint sprains
  • Back/neck/shoulder pain
  • Tendonitis
  • Pelvic floor dysfunctions
  • TMJ (jaw) pain
  • Post-surgical pain/restrictions
  • Osteoporosis
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Scoliosis
  • Plantar fascitiis
  • Poor ergonomics
  • Postural dysfunction
  • Balance & coordination issues

How does Telerehabilitation work?

  1. Schedule your appointment
    • Book online,  phone 204-489-7465 or email . Your credit card information will be collected at the time of the appointment, but you will not be charged until after your appointment.
  2. Fill out the intake form
    • Intake forms will be emailed to you as soon as you book your appointment (returning clients skip this step).
  3. Check out Zoom
    • Your therapist will set up your account prior to your appointment, and will email you a link to log in/download the Zoom app. This is the program that will be used to conduct the Telerehabilitation appointment.
  4. Log in to Zoom
    • Log in few minutes before your scheduled appointment so you’re ready. Your therapist will send you an invitation to join the call at your scheduled appointment time.

Tips to optimize your appointment:

  • Set up your device so you are hands free, as you will likely need to move during your appointment
  • Have enough space to move around but still be in view of the camera on your device
  • Headphones with a mic can improve sound quality, but are not required

What you need:

  • An internet connection
  • A computer, tablet or smartphone with a camera, speakers and mic

Why Telerehabilitation vs in person?

Telerehabilitation is great for when you can’t attend an appointment at the clinic.

Virtual appointments are useful for those with:

  • limited mobility or transportation options
  • restrictive work hours/schedule
  • young children at home
  • extended travel/time away from home
  • rural settings with no clinic nearby
  • poor weather conditions
  • illness/self-isolation/quarantine

Telerehabilitation FAQ

1. Does my insurance cover Telerehabilitation therapy services?

  • As of March 2020, Canada Life (Great West Life), Sunlife, Manulife, MB Blue Cross and MPI part, or all of the cost of Telerehabilitation appointments. For extended health plans the specific amount of coverage you are entitled to will be outlined in your benefits package. We advise clients to check with your insurance provider directly, as the list is continually expanding.

2. Can you bill my insurance provider directly?

  • YES! We direct bill to Canada Life (Great West Life), Sunlife, Manulife, MB Blue Cross, and MPI. We are happy to check into that approval for you. As more insurers take Telerehabilitation on we will be happy to bill them too.

3. When is this service available?

  • Therapists are available Monday to Saturday from 8am - 6pm. Book in whenever is convenient for you!

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