Train at Home | Hockey Training

Testify Performance's Train at Home Hockey Program is the ultimate tool for hockey players to stay in shape during this unique time.

What's Included:

  • Trainer Interaction via video conferencing
  • App login to gain access to workouts
    • 5x Workouts per week
  • Personal Development Program via daily text message
    • Includes valuable content and assignments for athletes
  • RINK Player & Goalie Integration

Communicate with your performance coach to get the most out of your program.

  • 2x per week video conferencing call with your performance coach
    • One call will go over program updates, details, and required set up for the week.
    • One call will be a live video session with your performance coach to go over practical applications and movement based sequences for athletes.

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What's does access to the app get me? 


  • All program details for hockey specific workouts
    • 5x workouts per week
  • Simple, easy to use platform.
  • Data tracking integration to keep athletes accountable
  • Links to all exercise demonstration videos

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What is included in the Personal Development Program?

  • Delivered to your phone daily via text message
  • Varies between valuable content & personal assignments 
  • 5x per week

How are RINK Player & Goalie coaches integrated into my program?


  • Maintain communication between on and off-ice hockey development.
  • RINK Player & Goalie coaches will be included in various video conferencing sessions to ensure maximum cross between off-ice workouts and on-ice movements and development.
  • Focus on position specific areas for improvement

Take your training at home to the next level.

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