Hockey Specific

Improve all aspects of your game with our hockey specific program. Designed in collaboration with the on-ice professionals here at the RINK Training Centre, this program will help you excel in the fundamental qualities needed to perform at the highest level while reducing the prevalence of injury. 

Sport Specific

Reach your athletic potential with our sports specific program. An Individualized program based on your personal goals and the specific needs of your sport. This program has everything you need to separate your yourself from the competition.

Lifestyle Training

Personalized programming in an environment to keep you motivated so you will reach your goals. Adopting a healthy lifestyle is a team effort and we cannot wait to be part of yours.

Team Training

A multi-faceted approach ensuring your team is improving the qualities that matter the most when the game is on the line. Focusing on each individual while building team success is the backbone of our team training, a must for any team serious in enhancing development through the course of a gruelling season. 

Performance Training at RINK Testify Performance

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