Taylor Tennis Centre is set to re-open this fall with a number of key upgrades and improvements to the current facility. These will include improvements to the lobby, members area, and the addition of a gym and treatment area, amongst other amenities. With the opening of the gym, there was a need for a training and medical provider for the space. A need which RINK Testify Performance seemed like the perfect fit to fill. Leading into their fall re-opening, RINK Testify Performance will become the official training and medical provider for Taylor Tennis Centre.

“This fall, we will be building a 2000 sq ft gym within the new Taylor Tennis Centre, at which we will have RINK Testify Performance staff on site. They will be providing trainers and customized training programs for all our athletes,” said Managing Partner and Owner, Nancy Chappelle-Pollack.

RINK Testify Performance has ample amounts of experience in delivering individualized programming at scale to a large number of hockey, volleyball, football, speed skating, and endurance athletes. They also have a suite of services from a clinic perspective that is the perfect compliment to high performance athletes and members alike.

Program Manager, Heath Vermette had the following to say about the excitement of what they can offer athletes going forward. “We see other national tennis centres in other provinces, and we want to be able to offer something to our juniors to feel like they are a part of something bigger.”

Moving forward with Taylor Tennis Centre, RINK Testify Performance and its staff will be available to members as well as fulfilling the off-court training needs of their program and academy athletes.  RINK Testify Performance is thrilled to integrated with the expert professionals at Taylor tennis in order to optimize an athlete’s performance taking tennis development to the next level.

“We’ve experienced this in the hockey world back when our academy started,” said Off-Ice Program Manager, Mike Hellyer. “Merging our experience with the knowledge and expertise of Taylor Tennis will allow us to help get athletes to that next level,” 

Coinciding with the gym, the new building will also allow RINK Testify Performance to provide on site treatment from a full suite of practitioners including physiotherapy, athletic therapy, massage therapy, mental performance, and much more. 

“We are most excited this fall to have a really busy club,” said Nancy Chappelle-Pollack. “To see parents, kids, members, families, juniors, and traveling athletes coming through our doors and enjoying the sport we all love so much.”

RINK Testify Performance and its training staff will be present at the launch of Taylor Tennis’ ID nights on September 7th & 8th in which they will be doing performance testing as well as be available to answer any questions you may have about how they can help you achieve yours or your athletes’ goals.

Visit Taylor Tennis Centre new website to stay up to date on all new developments and program/acadmey announcments.