2020 Summer Hockey Training

Training Overview

Our Hockey Specific Training will elevate your game to the next level. Each athlete’s program is specifically made to fit the needs of the individual. Programs are constructed from a combination of our intense player profiling process, sport-specific positional needs analysis, and collaborative individual goal setting. All training sessions are recorded and monitored in real time through our athlete management software. This enables us to track your progression daily making sure you are on your way to #ProveYourself.

This periodized program is composed of strength and conditioning sessions, speed and movement sessions, yoga, and several recovery modalities. Whether it be learning correct movement patterns, improving recovery between shifts with advanced breathing techniques, or improving power output with our pneumatic training devices each program is designed around your specific needs. With constant collaboration between our certified professionals and the skills staff from both the RINK Player Development and Goalie Development, everything you do off the ice will be tailored to making you a better player on the ice.  

Junior & Junior Prep | Female College & Pro

Program Structure
June / July / August - 5 workouts/week

Tentative Time Slots
JR - 10:45AM / 1:15 PM / 6:15 PM
JR Prep - 12:00 PM / 6:15 PM
Female College/Pro – 6:15 PM

Initial Assessment and Startup = $85+GST

Program Cost = $125 + GST/week

U18 Male | U18 Female

Program Structure
June / July / August - 5 workouts/week

Tentative Time Slots
Male – 3:45 PM / 5:00 PM
Female – 3:45 PM / 5:00 PM

Initial Assessment and Startup = $85+GST

Program Cost = $125 + GST/week

Therapy Services

Are you dealing with nagging aches and pains or trying to come back from injury? If so, our team of specialists will work with our strength and conditioning coaches to ensure that your training is consistent with your medical needs and is designed to not only overcome nagging injuries but reduce the chance of these injuries reoccurring in the future. Our one-stop-shop for athlete services is here to provide effective and efficient training and treatment to help you reach your goals both off and on the ice.

Athletic Therapy Services

AT Services

Initial Assessment - $92
Treatment - $72
Management - $72
Therapy - $72



Initial Assessment - $85
Treatment - $35


Massage Rates

30 mins - $41.00
45 mins - $61.50
60 mins - $82.00


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